Monday, June 26, 2017


currently i am at the hospital..
si Nas admitted due to denggue~
3 weeks ago..i was admitted due to the same thing..berjangkit maybe?
coz he came over to my house a week after i was discharged to make cookies for raya~ ade la tuh one of the nyamuk gigit him..hahaha
kesian him..celebrate raya in the hospital! hehehe

he is sleeping right now..
yesterday stayed until gonna leave early kot..coz hes sleeping already..~

while waiting..
dont know what to do..
my head cant stop thinking..
dont know how to put into words my thoughts right now..huhuhu..

should go home now..its 2am..getting late~


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Perth! 17th - 25th February 2017

after long overdue updates..
gonna start by blogging bout my trip to Perth with my ex-colleague from Starbucks!

As budget yeah..ended up spending almost RM3.5k in total.. T_T
the initial budget was supposed to be only RM2.5k..hikhik..

Below are the breakdown!

Flight tix - RM775 (MAS)
Visa - RM20
Accomodation  - RM600 (3 nights at Britannia @ Williams Hostel and 4 nights booked through AirBnB)
Car & Petrol - RM370 per pax
Transportation (Train, bus and taxi) - RM60 for 3 days
Parking fees - RM14 per pax
Food - RM66 per pax for 5 days cooking (bfast lunch and dinner)

Places of interest:-
Perth Zoo - RM96
Bell Tower - Free
Esplanade - Free
Elizabeth Quay - Free
Fremantal - didnt enter any places which requires us to its free..
Busselton Jetty - it opens 24hour..we arrived around the awesome guy said why not wait until 6pm..then we dont have to pay anything! its free~
Sand Dunes - RM8 each coz we share the board
Pinnacle dessert - RM10 per pax..its AUD12 per car..
Caversham Wildlife park - RM93
Kings Park and Botanic Garden - Free
Mandurah - Free..strolling around the area only..
Watertown Branded Outlet - spent most of my money here! T_T
Megabes factory - souvenir if u dont buy anything! ahhahha
Chinatown..James St..wandering around at night..kinda happening~ =)

Total expenses - approx RM2.2k (per pax --> 4)

the balance of RM1.3k? shopping and nafsu makan yg membuak2!! hahahahahha
cost of living in Perth is pretty high..compared to other countries that I have been to..
would i go again? not anytime soon i guess..
nothing interesting for me to go and visit this city again for the near future..~
everything closes at 5pm..
the only nightlife is at the chinatown area..which closes at 12am maybe?
the only thing u could do is chill at the park..most shops closes latest by 9..if you are lucky!

so..atleast ive checked a few of my wish list! Kangaroo..checked..Koala..checked! Australia? half tick? hahahaha..


Saturday, December 17, 2016

The feelings

I always wonder whether i am bugging anyone currently..
Is my presence in their life makes them feel burden..?
Is being a friend to me..means they r forced to entertain me..?
Do i really annoyed them that much..? 
At times i feel that they r slipping away from me..

Why do i feel that?
Sometimes my gut feelings never lies..
At times..u really can sense that they dont want u there..but they cant say it..
Is it me? Or im being paranoid??

I really do hope that u could tell me if u want ur space..
Can u just tell me that?
Can u just let me know?
Can u just be honest with me?

Being silence wont help..
It will get us no where..
It will only hurt each other..
Things should not be complicated..
Im wise enough to understand if u need ur space..
Me too at times want some space to myself..
I will let u know when i need that alone time..
Cant u just do the same to me?


Thursday, August 18, 2016

happy birthday love~

This would i think..would be the only year..that i didnt wish u..
im gonna dedicate it here.. it goes..~

Happy Birthday Nasri Sariat!
u reach ur 3 series mark..! =P
30 years of living..12 years of knowing u..
i think u did a fantastic job!

from we were 18 years old..
budak2 hingusan! from then til now..
u r amazing~
*even most of the times u are so damn ego! ehem*
i am amazed that i can put up with u after all these years..hahahahha..

the silly things that we have done when we were younger..
skipping class..lepakking..overnight..roadtrips..late nights..the fights..crying *me*..tak bercakap..the laughs..the screaming..everything~
it was a roller coaster ride being friends with u..
most of the time..coz i know u damn well..i have to pujuk myself when im upset or mad at u!
a few times i decide to eliminate u from my life..
but nothing seems to work~
i will come back..dont why..too attached maybe~
mcm cerita aku datang.."bila dua jiwa dah sebati..memang susah untuk dileraikan" cewahh~ =P
or..~~ mcm cite H.A.C.K.S => "Cinta platonik tu satu perhubungan lebih dari sekadar kawan diantara sepasang lelaki dan perempuan..tpi tiada unsur tarikan seksual ataupun fizikal..~" lalala~
or is it ada? jodoh kah? wakakakka

i decided to not give u anything..
i dont think i have anymore ideas on what to give to u..
im just gonna write this for u..

there were times when i feel like im chasing u..
there were times that i was hoping that u do something extra to show how valuable i am to u..
there were times i feel like i want u to pay attention more to me..
there were times that i hate u until i want to delete everything n block u from everything..
there were times that i want to stalk u..
there were times that i want to scream and yell to tell you how i feel..
there were times when i felt like im being used..
there were times i cried when u told me about your problems with ur friends..
there were times i wish that that was me u find..
most of the times..i cried when i miss u..

when u told me..ur words..saying that dont expect anything from the things i did for someone..
its struck me..n i felt hurt..coz all the things i was wishing for vanished..n have to accept the fact that i could not compete with them anymore..

then is when i stop hoping for u being nice to me..
i stop wishing that the relationship will get any better..
i stop chasing u..
i stop looking for u..
i stop everything that i used to do with u..
because i realised that..that is the way u would normally treated a person when u feel that that person is falling for u..
to stop getting hurt anymore..i stop being a friend to u..

with that..
i am sorry..
sorry for not being able to control my emotion when dealing with things like this..
sorry for being a pain in the ass at times..
sorry for being inpatient..
sorry for forcing u to be a friend to me..
sorry for being an annoying person who talks a lot..
sorry for being a jerk at times..
sorry for wanting more..
sorry for not giving u your own space..

thank u nyet~
for everything..
the advice..
the talk..
the wake up call..
for being there for me..
listening to my problems n nag..
the crying..the silly jokes..the laugh..
thank u..

happy 30th birthday..
u r a one of a kind..
be the best in ur field..n i know u can make it~
be the best that i know u can be..
be the humble person that i know u are..
dont change the annoying guy i know u can become..
dont change the joker in u..
n dont change the old u who i knew since the 1st day we met! *si pemalu..hahaha*
Im here a friend..gonna accept u just the way u r..i wont leave..cuma kadang2 je melarikan diri..hehehe..

love u babe~

*maaf post gambar hampeh kite mase zaman kanak2 ini!! wakakakka*



almost 3 months of sunyi sepi.. *krik krik*

gonna have a few updates..
individual birthday shout outs~
and also my broken heart story! T_T

need to journalize all this..
so i can read again..and laugh at myself in the future! hahahahha


Saturday, May 14, 2016

The audio! Hanya Dirimu - Dygta feat Meda (cover)

Last two years..i wanted to sabotage him.. it is..hahahahah

our duet

Hanya Dirimu by Dygta and Meda

one of our fave duet song..



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Congratulation...and i miss u...

I was on leave today..
got an interview..n decided to take the whole day off..
interview? long story short..was not happy..trying to find other job that suits my passion..~

after the interview..i decided to pay a visit..
to see my friends..ex colleague..its really been awhile~! almost a year i think..that i step foot at DRB..~

i miss friends..who i was close to..
even tho its been awhile..but the feeling is like u r u r meeting ur relatives..
seeing them..made me think a bit..
the efforts that counts..
u spending time to meet them..even for a short while..really made my day..~

from GPSB to PR1MA..
the colleagues i was once close too..
still keep in touch even tho not often..
but still..rindu! T_T
*tade plak gambar mase kat GPSB..hehe*

congratulations on ur wedding~
hope u will grow old together with ur love ones..
hope u will cherish each patient..compromise..n learn from each other..
embrace..and accept..
even tho we are not so close..but we will always be here if u need someone to turn to..~
wishing u all the happiness in your married life..~ =)

i know u r reading this..
yes..i miss u too..
but since u r married..
things are not the same anymore..
not because of her..its just i dont want things to get complicated..
yes..u r still a friend of mine..
i am still here when u need someone..
i never abandon was u who was not being honest with me..
instead of talking it through..u decide to run away..
makes me i not worth anything to u..
2 years of friendship goes down the drain because of someone..
which u promise me that u wont leave me..but u did..
that hurts me the most compared to other things that u did..
but knowing u..u did told me..that ur women is everything..n u dont care about anyone else..
seems true..and it did

*the day that we decide to be a kid again for a day*

missing everyone