Sunday, February 26, 2017

Perth! 17th - 25th February 2017

after long overdue updates..
gonna start by blogging bout my trip to Perth with my ex-colleague from Starbucks!

As budget yeah..ended up spending almost RM3.5k in total.. T_T
the initial budget was supposed to be only RM2.5k..hikhik..

Below are the breakdown!

Flight tix - RM775 (MAS)
Visa - RM20
Accomodation  - RM600 (3 nights at Britannia @ Williams Hostel and 4 nights booked through AirBnB)
Car & Petrol - RM370 per pax
Transportation (Train, bus and taxi) - RM60 for 3 days
Parking fees - RM14 per pax
Food - RM66 per pax for 5 days cooking (bfast lunch and dinner)

Places of interest:-
Perth Zoo - RM96
Bell Tower - Free
Esplanade - Free
Elizabeth Quay - Free
Fremantal - didnt enter any places which requires us to its free..
Busselton Jetty - it opens 24hour..we arrived around the awesome guy said why not wait until 6pm..then we dont have to pay anything! its free~
Sand Dunes - RM8 each coz we share the board
Pinnacle dessert - RM10 per pax..its AUD12 per car..
Caversham Wildlife park - RM93
Kings Park and Botanic Garden - Free
Mandurah - Free..strolling around the area only..
Watertown Branded Outlet - spent most of my money here! T_T
Megabes factory - souvenir if u dont buy anything! ahhahha
Chinatown..James St..wandering around at night..kinda happening~ =)

Total expenses - approx RM2.2k (per pax --> 4)

the balance of RM1.3k? shopping and nafsu makan yg membuak2!! hahahahahha
cost of living in Perth is pretty high..compared to other countries that I have been to..
would i go again? not anytime soon i guess..
nothing interesting for me to go and visit this city again for the near future..~
everything closes at 5pm..
the only nightlife is at the chinatown area..which closes at 12am maybe?
the only thing u could do is chill at the park..most shops closes latest by 9..if you are lucky!

so..atleast ive checked a few of my wish list! Kangaroo..checked..Koala..checked! Australia? half tick? hahahaha..


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